Writings by Topic: Jordan

Articles by MEF Staff and Fellows
Title Publication Date
How Jordan Can Cope Middle East Quarterly Summer 2019
Riding the Tides: Jordan Sits at a Crossroads of Middle Eastern Dilemmas The Jerusalem Post April 20, 2019
Jordan's Crucible The Jerusalem Post April 4, 2019
Is Israel's Position in Region as Secure as It Looks? Jerusalem Post October 22, 2018
Six Sides to the Southern Syria Crisis Jerusalem Post May 29, 2018
This Time, the Loser Writes History Middle East Quarterly Summer 2017
Turkey's Barks and Bites The Gatestone Institute April 11, 2017
Jordan at the Precipice The Washington Times March 8, 2017
Is Jordan's Muslim Brotherhood Still the Loyal Opposition? Middle East Quarterly Spring 2017
Jordan Is Palestinian Middle East Quarterly Winter 2012
Solving the "Palestinian Problem" [with the No-State Solution] Jerusalem Post January 7, 2009
Separate But Equal FrontPageMagazine.com April 17, 2007
Palestine or Peace? A 1960 Jordanian Peace Initiative Middle East Quarterly Summer 2006
Re-energizing a West Bank-Jordan Alliance Middle East Quarterly Spring 2006
Palestinians Taste a Dose of Their Own Medicine New York Sun November 15, 2005
King Abdullah II: "Iraq is the Battleground - the West against Iran" Middle East Quarterly Spring 2005
Prince El-Hassan bin Talal: "Jordanian Christians are Fully Integrated" Middle East Quarterly Winter 2001
Thirty Years of Clandestine Meetings Middle East Quarterly March 1995
The Jordan-Israel Peace Treaty Middle East Quarterly March 1995
Audio, Video and Transcripts
Title Publication Date
Jordan at the Edge MEF Wire September 12, 2017
Title Publication Date
Backgrounder: The Six-Day War June 20, 2017